Companies are looking for ways that are compatible with Industry 4.0 strategies to also make their quality management/control systems efficient, effective and high-performing.  

Digitalizing quality control processes, in which the “human” factor is heavily involved, by supporting them with information technologies, brings along “speed”. Such “speed” allows data to be easily processed and analyzed, allows decision makers to make more transparent and accurate data-based decisions, and ultimately, allows the company to gain a competitive advantage with the power of having a value-added quality management / control process. 

Created by the experienced SAP and software consultants of CITS, the Quality Control Cockpit Solution aims to make your quality control processes faster and more efficient through digital transformation.  With this solution, you can eliminate your unnecessary quality control steps and prevent time losses.

By visualizing your process with the SAP-integrated solution, you will enable your employees to keep up with the digital transformation, and you will have efficient and effective process management. 

This not only provides an efficient and effective process management where unnecessary steps are eliminated with the “speed” brought by digitalization, and time losses are avoided, but also enables the process to be visualized and carried out in direct interaction with the “human” factor.