"In today’s global market conditions, businesses are looking for ways to shorten the time to launch their products, to increase flexibility & agility in production, and to tailor their production for their customers in order to meet changing and increasing customer expectations faster. Efficiency has gained a lot of importance in this increasingly competitive environment for all those reasons. Raising the performance is only possible by being more flexible and agile than your competitors operating in the same industry as you. 

Enabling the connection of objects, tools and machines with each other and with smart devices (IoT) and management of the production management system in integration, when managing your production processes, CitsMES is one of the most important steps taken towards Industry 4.0. Created with IoT and higher quality data, process integration will allow operations to be carried out more efficiently. This will provide analysis and improvement capabilities at all operational points that need to be instantly monitored end to end at a company, such as production, cost, maintenance and quality.   

With CitsMES, you can manage all your production processes and turn your aggregate data into intelligence. 

Including the foundations of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0, Cits MES is designed to meet all the requirements of businesses in:

  • Data collection from production, 
  • Performance analysis, 
  • Maintenance management, 
  • Workforce management, 
  • Quality management, 
  • Process management.
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    Real-time production traceability,

    You can view the quality rate, order-based production confirmation entries and instant FU&OEE information on your machine, line and generally, in your entire production site.

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    Automatic outage tracking,

    You can categorize your capacity losses, mold change times, breakdown and outage information, and reveal the aspects of your business that need improvement.

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    Polyvalence Management

    It allows the personnel who are authorized to work on a given machine to be managed according to the line sufficiency.

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    Use on all devices and Flexible Interface

    You can access «Cits MES» from anywhere and on any device. It has a user-friendly interface and differs from traditional production application designs with its ease of use.

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    Compatible with all SAP platforms,

    We can offer our CitsMES product in integration with all versions of SAP, R3&S4 / HANA platforms.

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    Cloud Reporting Capability

    We can offer it with many other additional reporting options through SAP BO (Business Objects) or SAP Cloud Analytics, which are the most compatible reporting tools by which SAP provides its own connectivity services, and thanks to Microsoft open source code.