All Account Activities on One Platform

This is a platform that is offered with SAP integration, providing ease of use for instant viewing of all the transactions in the bank account activities of companies, and for the creation of financial accounting records, on a single platform.

SAP-Integrated Bank Platform

You can view the bank account activities of all your companies on a single screen on the SAP system...

  • Instant Display

    All account activities are instantly displayed with their past records on the SAP screen.

  • Multi-Company Display

    It ensures that the bank accounts of different companies within the group are displayed on a company basis.

  • Error Proofing

    It facilitates the detection of erroneous transactions by separating account activities based on their types.

  • Person-Based Authorization

    Only authorized persons can view the account details related to the bank-company key.

  • 100% Security

    It will be ensured that the data of your companies will be encrypted end-to-end, entirely through the servers within the company.

  • Integrated into Different Modules

    Net bank debt reports can be presented by providing access to credit and time deposit accounts.

  • Flexible Reporting

    It provides detailed and flexible reporting on SAP in addition to management reports by detailing account activities...

    TRM Module Integration “It can provide net bank debt reporting by accessing your credit and deposit accounts through the TRM Module Integration...”
  • A System that Learns

    The system learns the form structure that you define once for the creation of the accounting records of your account activities so as to implement the same for all similar future transactions, and makes it automatically ready for accounting records...

    Adapts to Your Processes “No matter how different your financial processes are, it is a system that is open to development, and can be adapted to your company’s processes”
  • You Set the Limits

    With the authorization infrastructure, you can limit the account details of any company. You can determine who can see which bank or account details on your own...

    IP limitation “Your bank connections are provided only through your own servers... A secure connection is provided thanks to IP control...”
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    We offer our business solutions, which we designed with our Private Cloud approach for your Corporate Information Technologies requirements, including the SAP business solutions, in a way that will create value for you. After this stage, we continue to be by your side for continuous improvement of your processes.

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